Monday, December 24, 2012

Our son's wedding in November

Our son, who is our "middle child", got married this past November 17th to a wonderful young lady. They're perfect for each other. Just thought I'd share some pictures. A HUGE thank-you goes out to Tim Rose (our son-in-law Matt's dad) who took the pictures!

Nathan (Nate) and Stephanie Pielstick

From left to right-
Kengy, Shannon (the bridesmaid), Steph, our oldest daughter Sarah and our youngest daughter Hannah.

Love this one at a local park!
Front to back-
Johnny (ring bearer), Hope (flower girl), Steph, Nate,
Shannon (maid of honor), our nephew Cody (best man),
Our daughter Sarah, and her hubby, Matt, Our daughter Hannah, and Chance, Kengy (Chance's sister) and Cody (Steph's brother) and Chris-Chance and Kengy's dad-he was also the one who walked Steph down the aisle, as her dad passed away about a year ago. 

My pastor-hubby Brian and the kids during the ceremony



Left to right-
Dad (my hubby Brian's dad), Me, Hannah, Steph, Nate, Brian,
Sarah and Matt

I love this pic of nate watching his bride come up the aisle. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

What an Amazing weekend!!

We had such a great weekend!! Our Chili Cook-off was yesterday and we had SOOO much fun! We had 9 chilis entered in all and had homemade breads, sandwiches and desserts too! Everyone enjoyed test tasting all the chili and then getting to actually eat a bowl afterward! We definitely learned some things along the way, but oh, what fun we had!

From the far end of the table, we have our son Nate, our brother-in-law Jeff, and Todd from our church all filling up sample cups to put out on the tables. This was great in theory, but we somehow got some of the cups mixed up and some places didn't get cup #5 or #2 for example, but we made up for it. lol

As you can see, a fun time of sampling all the chilis was had by everyone!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy weekend ahead...

We have a really busy weekend ahead, but I think it'll be fun. Our church is having a workday tomorrow to winterize the building and get some other stuff done.
Then, Sunday, we're having our first ever Chili Cook-off! I think it'll be fun!
These are the Individual Voting Ballot and Award I came up with using some free graphics off the internet and a font I downloaded for the title-"Smokum".
I thought I'd post these in case someone could use them. I know I looked all over for stuff, till I found these! Well, I'll post pics of the cookoff as soon as I can!