Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beautiful Spring Weather

is finally here! I am so hoping that this officially means NO MORE SNOW!! I know we actually had a pretty mild winter, for us. BUT, I'm still sick of snow and ice and so ready for spring to be here! I love working in the yard, and letting the little ones we babysit, play outside. The little girl is in school right now, so she at least gets recess and time to play outside, but the little boy is here all day, and he sure needs time outside. If it doesn't rain today, I'll take him out for awhile.

I actually love the rain, in fact dh and I go walking in the rain! We love it! It's so fun to do, when it's just a light rain, and the temps are high enough that you don't chill. We've gotten so many looks and people laughing at us, as we go walking down the street in the rain! It's so fun! If you've never taken a walk in the rain, I recommend you do so. There's nothing like the smell of fresh rain and the feeling you get, walking hand-in-hand with your sweetie in the rain.

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