Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Dodged a bullet!

Or, at least a big snow! I'm soooo glad! They had said we could get up to 9" before tomorrow and we didn't get anymore during the day today and should only get about 1-2" tonight, possibly. I'm so happy. I just hate driving when it's really bad out and right now I have to play taxi driver. What mom doesn't, right? lol.

We're supposed to have weather in the 50's by Friday, so I guess that means I should look to start spring cleaning. ugh. I hate it to a degree, but once I get going, it seems like I can't stop! LOL! I throw open my windows, take down and wash drapes, and clean thoroughly from top to bottom. I used to clean houses for a living and when we did, the lady I worked for, always called those times a "Major Clean". We'd do one on a different room in the house each week, until all the rooms had had a "Major Clean". With me, we have our living room, dining room and kitchen all on the main floor and I try to hit all three at once, when I do mine. That at least gets the main rooms out of the way.

And, as usual, when I'm replacing sheets on the beds every week, I have kitty help. Bootsie, our little 3 year old kitty likes to get on the bed and she gets covered up alot. (She does that daily though, when I'm just making the bed.) But, she likes it! LOL! It makes making the bed hard, but fun at the same time. lol

Here is a pic of Bootsie "helping" me paint our kitchen a couple of years ago. She'd regularly climb the ladder and I'd have to shoo her off so I could paint. lol

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