Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm making a Cookbook for my family!

I'm so excited! I had tried before to make a cookbook for my family but the extended family was busy and it was just hard to get all the recipes rounded up. BUT, I'm trying again! This time, even if it's just my recipes and others I find from Brian's mom and grandma, then so be it! lol! I wasn't sure which program to use or whether I should just print them up and put binder notebooks together, but I'm using a program called Family Cookbook Project. I had looked into other programs, and most, you had to either order 100 cookbooks upon completion of the project, or the formatting wasn't very user-friendly, or it was very costly. This site is amazing! The format is so easy to use, you can preview your cookbook as you go, you can even print individual recipes before you're done assembling it! I love that feature! The cost is right, too! You can either sign up for a monthly a/w from your bank account, for $4.95 per month, or 1 year at a time, for $29.95. They also have a lifetime option but you'll have to check their website for that amount as it escapes me. 

The site gives you the option to figure out how much each cookbook will cost upon printing but they also state that you can print off one book in pdf form and take it to a local printer for copies to be made and assembled, or you can make your own with nice three-ring binders! If you're into cooking, or have always wanted to make your own cookbook for your family, church or business, I'd highly recommend this site as your place to start!   

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