Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Loving Cast Iron Cooking!

I have to say I'm loving cast iron cooking! I guess I stayed away from it because for one, those skillets get pretty heavy and for two, I wasn't sure about the care of them. I'm so glad that I'm getting back into it though! My new grill/griddle combo is getting alot of use, lately with hamburgers and other meats, and my skillet is seeing many casseroles. Both my skillet and grill/griddle combo were preseasoned. But I've been learning how to better care for them, so they hopefully last me a long time!

Some say not to use soap of any kind on them as it breaks down the seasoning. I have only used a mild dish soap once so far, when I grilled burgers and some of the grease was trapped between the grates on the grill. I wanted to get that "taste" of burger out of it so when it came to cooking chicken or something else, we wouldn't have that lingering. But if you make sure once your cast iron is washed at least with hot water, then wiped dry, (you might dry it on top of the stove after wiping it dry-this method pulls away any water remaining) and reseasoned (add a little oil back to the pan and heat for about another minute or two on your stovetop) it will no doubt last a long time. Do be sure it's completely dry of water, however because any water remaining can cause it to rust. Let your pan cool completely before storing. I am storing my skillet(s) and grill/griddle on the shelf of my microwave cart. I've placed paper towels on top of both to protect them. Now they're ready to go when I am! :)

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