Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting ready for Sarah and Matt to come!

I haven't posted much this week because we've been so busy. Between babysitting and trying to get the house ready for our oldest daughter Sarah and our son-in-law Matt to come in this Wednesday, and all, it's just been really busy. I must confess, most of my online time, has also been spent looking for ideas for our wedding vow renewal in May of next year! I know it'll be a small, intimate ceremony, and of course, not a wedding, but still we have things in mind that we know we want, and so I'm looking into things now. I found a place online where I want to order our wedding invitations, it's Invitation They actually have pretty good prices, and they had an invitation that was actually for a 25th wedding anniversary celebration. I tweaked it online, to include our wedding vow exchange, and saved it for my dh to see so now it's on to other things. :)

But the main focus of this week, will be of course, our kids coming back. I know the week will go by super fast but I'm just thankful they're coming back. I keep praying God will lead them back here. Maybe someday. :) So, enjoy your week! I know I will! :)


  1. It's always exciting when the kids come home. Enjoy your time together, and a huge congratulations on the up-coming 25 years.


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