Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day and Our 24th Wedding Anniversary

Wow, what a week! Or should I say, weekend! This whole week has been busy. But I'm so thankful for so much! Mother's Day, we had church of course that morning, but we cancelled evening services, because we also had area graduations. We went to the Events Center in town to watch our nephew Bryon graduate. I must admit, I was dreading going, because I knew it would be crowded, and I thought it would be miserable, but it wasn't. In fact, it was really nice, since they had it there and not in the school gym. We actually had comfy chairs to sit on and a/c was going. And, even though they had over 500 students graduating, it really went pretty quickly. So, the rest of that day, we hit grad receptions, and finally went home around 8:00. Since we couldn't go out and do anything then, the kids took me out for Mother's Day on Tuesday night. We had USA Steak Buffet and it was really good. I enjoyed my time with them. 

Monday, was our 24th anniversary! My dh took me out to eat, at The Buffet House (chinese place-one of my favorite places). We really enjoyed the dinner and time together. But oh, my word! He surprised me! We got to talking on the way to the restaurant and he asked me if I had it all to do over again, if I would marry him. I told him, "of course, I would!" He asked then, "would you do it next year?"  So, we're renewing our vows for our 25th anniversary!! Needless to say, I'm excited! Can you tell? LOL! I've been looking online at cakes, and proper etiquette for this type of thing. Although my family has told me to do it how I want to do it, not how others think I should. lol So, we'll see. I was looking for a nice formal dress, and my sis-in-law actually offered to let me wear the dress her mom wore when she and dad renewed their vows. It's such a pretty dress, it's a royal blue, which works well, since our colors were/are silver and blue. The only concern I had about the dress really, was that it might upset dad. I just didn't want him to get to thinking about mom and get really upset. But like so many have told me, it's a nice gesture to remember mom during the ceremony. I don't know yet if my mom will still be with us next year or not, but I know she won't make it out for the ceremony if she is, so we might possibly just have dh's dad there, as far as our parents go. But, I plan to have pictures of us just starting out, and so we'll have old wedding pictures laying on some tables for the reception, and it'll be kind of like they're there in spirit at least. I do believe they are. I may be mistaken but that's what I'm holding onto.

Anyway, I've almost felt like a school girl again, getting married for the first time with all the plans we're making, but it's so exciting and so romantic. We've already decided to have our kids be our attendants (I know some ettiquette sites say don't have attendants but oh well! LOL!) so we'll have Sarah (23) and Hannah (17) for me, and Sarah's hubby Matthew (25) and our son Nate (20) stand up for us. We're going to ask our previous pastor (2 pastors ago lol) to officiate. We're good friends with their family, and they felt called to pastor in Omaha, but we still get to see them every so often. So, I'm pretty sure he won't mind doing the honors. We'll ask his wife to play the piano for us. We thought about asking our son Nate to play and we still might, but we want him to stand up with his dad. :) So, now we're looking at songs. I don't want to go down the aisle with the wedding march. Been there, done that, and wouldn't really fit. So we're looking around and listening to some other music so we'll see. Well, enough rambling. If you're still reading, thanks. lol!

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