Monday, June 27, 2011

Wow, it's been awhile!

I guess it's been awhile since I've posted. Things have been so busy around here. Between babysitting and church, church activities, and such, it's just been super busy.

We had such a nice day though, it only got up to the upper 70's I think, and I didn't have to work today, so some good friends of ours came to visit, then Hannah and I walked to see my mom (2 miles total!) and then tonight, our son had an adult Softball game. It's sure different watching him play now, that he's almost 20, than when he was little. But it's fun watching him play again!

Our ladies group at church has started a Bible study called "Women Who Made a Difference". It's really good, so far. It starts with Eve, of course, and I admit the study had me thinking of questions about Eve's life that I'd never thought of before, as well as some facts about her life that I'd not thought of. Like for instance: Eve had no mother or mother-in-law to ask questions of , no one in an extended family to rely on for advice, when raising their kids, etc. We blame Eve for so much, because truly man did fall through her, and her disobedience. But, in her shoes, how many of us would have been talked into doing something wrong ourselves? And back tracking just a little, did ya ever notice she wasn't at all surprised to hear and see a snake talking to her??? I mean, think about it, before they sinned, all the animals got along, none of them were afraid of the other, and even Adam and Eve didn't have to fear the animals. I suppose a talking snake wasn't a big deal back then. Just alot of little thoughts went through our minds as we talked about it, and it is making for a good study. The whole point of this first lesson though, was that even when we fall, God has a way of redeeming us. He'd told Adam and Eve that they'd be seperated from him and they were to a degree, but even in their sin he clothed them and blessed them. All we have to do is rely on God, and if we don't know Him as our Savior, we need to accept Him, and then live our lives to follow Him and serve Him. He will be there for us, redeeming us and making a home for us in Heaven.

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