Saturday, September 03, 2011

Going to see our oldest daughter, and extreme couponing....

Hey everyone. Wow, it's been a busy couple of months around here. My cookbook project got put on hold, due to all our other involvements. But life is good. We're getting ready to go to WI to see our oldest daughter Sarah and her hubby, Matt, at the end of Sept. We leave the 22nd and come back the 26th. Time will go by way too fast, I know. It always does, but I'm just thankful we get to see them one last time before bad weather hits. So, we've been getting stuff done toward our trip, such as making our hotel reservation, and getting our van serviced, making other arrangements such as pet care, etc.

AND, our youngest daughter Hannah and I are planning a baby shower for one of our ladies at church. Such a sweet couple, they've been trying to have a baby for awhile and God blessed them and they're due in November. So we're having their shower the 17th, yes, not even a week before we leave on our trip! Am I crazy or what??! But it's all good, it's been fun to plan and I hope the shower itself will be fun, and memorable. It's so cute to see all these little baby things again!

Then, when we come back from WI, in October, our church will be starting our Seekers program again!! Yay! Seekers is a Friday night program we've offered in the past, to area kids that are between K-5th grade. They spend about an hour playing games like "Steal the Bacon", and relay-type games and then they're taken up to the sanctuary to be taught from the Bible. Our goal of course, is to see kids get Saved, and to hopefully reach their families through the program as well. We'd love to add to our church,  but the most important part is being able to add to the family of God, through their coming to know Christ! Seekers has been a fun way to reach people and we had to take a year off so we're hitting it hard this year! Ready or not, here we come!!

This is totally off-topic of these other things, but lately Hannah and I have been watching shows about people who are "extreme couponers". I love the idea of saving so much money through the use of coupons, but to be honest, I hate shopping to begin with, and like I told her, I will not be one of these people who has a stockpile for a year's worth of food. For one thing, I don't have enough room for it right now. And for two, I don't have the desire to spend an hour or more in a store just hunting down what I want to buy. However, that said, I have to give kudos to some of these people. This show we watched to night, the lady bought $600 worth of groceries-household, food, cleaning supplies, pet food, etc. and paid only...drum roll please... $17!!!!! Can you believe it?? Where do you weigh in on the whole couponing thing? Is there a "happy medium"?

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