Thursday, November 10, 2011

Create Your Own Cookbook

Hey, everyone! I'm using Family Cookbook to create a cookbook for our family. Click this link, and it will take you to where you can Create Your Own Cookbook! This site is great for making cookbooks for family, church groups, or any organization. You pick someone to be the main editor and they can add recipes that are given to them, or you can invite people to come and submit their recipes. The thing I really like, is you can either complete the cookbook and order them from the company, or you can make your own, by printing them off one by one! It even allows you to print off pages for the different categories that you get to edit according to what kind of cookbook you're making! So, if you do it yourself, I recommend getting a 3-ring binder and clear plastic sheet protectors and that way, every time you print a recipe off, you just slip it in the sheet protector and add to your cookbook. This is so inexpensive and easy to do and you still have a great looking cookbook that you made, that you can be proud of! Check it out!

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