Saturday, January 21, 2012

My life lately...

Well, I haven't posted lately, because life has gotten even busier for me, and a little sadder. My mom has breast cancer and this past few weeks, she's battled a virus and some other issues. A week ago Friday, we got her started with Hospice. Of course, it's gonna be a sad few months ahead, or however long she's able to be with us. But I must say, I'm glad we have help through Hospice. The Hospice nurse's aides are nice and she has a regular nurse that sees her twice a week. We also had issues with her doctor, but we've gotten her with a different one, for which we are thankful. Anyway, I'm also thankful that she knows she's Saved, and going to Heaven when the time comes, and I'm thankful that I will see her again someday. 

In other news, lol, we've just been busy with church and life, and kids and so on and so on...I will try to post some new recipes soon. Hope you are having a wonderful new year!