Monday, October 29, 2012

What an Amazing weekend!!

We had such a great weekend!! Our Chili Cook-off was yesterday and we had SOOO much fun! We had 9 chilis entered in all and had homemade breads, sandwiches and desserts too! Everyone enjoyed test tasting all the chili and then getting to actually eat a bowl afterward! We definitely learned some things along the way, but oh, what fun we had!

From the far end of the table, we have our son Nate, our brother-in-law Jeff, and Todd from our church all filling up sample cups to put out on the tables. This was great in theory, but we somehow got some of the cups mixed up and some places didn't get cup #5 or #2 for example, but we made up for it. lol

As you can see, a fun time of sampling all the chilis was had by everyone!

Bro. Eric won "Hottest Chili" 
Kengy won "Most Unique Chili"


 Sunny (Pastor's sister) won "Best Chili Overall"
After all the feasting was over, we had a fun Song Service to end our day. We usually have an evening service too, but when we do potlucks or other dinners we have our PM service at 1:00 so everyone can just go home and relax the rest of the day.
Pastor Brian (my hubby), Terry (his dad) and Bro. Frank singing "Life's Railway to Heaven".
Frank is in his 80s and played his harmonica!
The same group with Dawn S. singing "When the Battle's Over".

Faith S. and Hannah (our youngest daughter) did a beautiful job on "Open the Eyes of My Heart".
Nate (our son) played a beautiful medley of Hymns.
Dawn played a special song (can't remember the name though! I will add it later!)
Bro. Eric S. (Dawn's hubby) read a very moving poem
Anyway, there's more but we had such a blessed time!
We sure love and appreciate our church family!


  1. Chili cook-offs are always so much fun, especially when they involve a church. My church has a cookie baking contest every year, and then they auction off the cookies. Our last cookie contest I won first place, and my cookies sold for $50.00. All of the monies goes to the church then. Lots and lots of fun!

  2. Thanks for your post, Angie! That cookie contest and auction sounds like a blast! If you get time, could I get some more details? :)


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