Misc Pics

Hannah and Me at our church last year (2010) during our
Mother-daughter dinner.

Brian, Matthew, Sarah and Me, at their wedding June 27, 2009

Our family after Brian's sister's wedding in 2008
Shawn (a young man we'd gotten guardianship of), Brian, Nate 17 
Sarah 20, Me, Hannah 14
Our Furry Family Members

This is our newest little addition-Jack. He's such a cutie. Our daughter Sarah had adopted him, when she moved out on her own, with a roommate. When the girls moved back home for awhile, we didn't take him in, because we'd just gotten Boots not long before. Brian's dad took Jack in and cared for him these past couple of years. Now, he's moving and can't take Jack, so we're trying things out with him here. Now, if he and Boots can just get along....lol 

Cassie (l) and Bootsie (r).
We've had Cassie now since 2003. She's the sweetest dog ever. We got her as a Christmas gift for Brian. She was to be a hunting dog. We were told she's a Lab and Retriever Mix. But she's actually a Lab/Border Collie Mix. So instead of wanting to hunt and retrieve birds, etc. she wants to herd them! LOL! So, she may not be a hunting dog, but she's our baby girl. She's truly been the sweetest dog we've had so far, and we've had 3 others since we've been married.    
 We got Bootsie 3 years ago, when Hannah was just about to turn 14, for Christmas. She'd wanted her own pet, and we gave in. Boots was a rescue cat. She and her sister had been found in a field in the country, by a lady who saw that the kittens' mom had been run over by a car. They were only 2 weeks old. They were cared for, and when they were old enough, we adopted her. She's a sweetie but gets very moody, especially whenever there's change. She loves Cassie but hates Jack so far. We're hoping all works out though. :)

Stormy and Boots
We've had Stormy for several years now. I can't remember the year we got her, but I know it was around 2000 or before, so she's getting up in years. She's a sweetheart, and she kind of took Bootsie under her wing when she moved in. Stormy treats Boots like she's her daughter, and bathes her and cares for her. It's so sweet. Boots acts like she likes it though, and I'm sure she probably does since she missed getting that from her own mom. We named her Stormy because it was storming outside when we found her on our porch and started taking care of her. My dh doesn't like cats, but HE was the one that brought her in the house!